Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Party Favors, and lots of them!!

I saw a tutorial online for these little crowns (they called them superhero headbands) and just knew I had to make them for my daughter's princess party favors!!  They are so soft and plush and way easier to put on than those plastic tiaras you buy and then don't fit on your daughter's head!!  Plus, they are completely customizable.  I've already had a request to make these into a 1st birthday crown for a birthday girl, how fun is that??  I will post more pictures as I make some more.  They are great in boy colors too, reds, blues, blacks, whites, etc!!  Enjoy!

Also, my best bud ordered some capes for her little man's birthday party coming up.  I tell you, how much fun to go home from a party with a great handmade dress up item verses some plastic junk that's just going to get thrown in the trash eventually (or lost)!!  I made some girl and boy ones for the co-ed party.  Let me know if you'd like some as well!


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