Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What do you like??

So, I'm 'back in the swing of things."  My etsy shop is open to some custom items, but not all.  But I wanted to poll (all my 10) readers....what do you like best that I make?  I really like making pacifier clips, because they are quick and easy, and great little add on gifts to baby showers gifts, etc.  I sold a few this weekend at Tot 2 Tot, but really want to sell more.  It would help if I actually posted pictures on etsy of all the different choices I have!  Anyways, what else do you like?  What have you seen that you think I could make?  I really need to bring in some extra money, so I need to start planning ahead for Christmas gifts.  I sold a lot of color aprons last year.  What else will sell?  What do you want to buy?  Any feedback would be appreciated!! :)  Thanks!


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This is a blog to support my new venture, my etsy store! I enjoy sewing and making many different things, and thought I could help support my family in doing so. Please visit my etsy store at

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