Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Party Favors, and lots of them!!

I saw a tutorial online for these little crowns (they called them superhero headbands) and just knew I had to make them for my daughter's princess party favors!!  They are so soft and plush and way easier to put on than those plastic tiaras you buy and then don't fit on your daughter's head!!  Plus, they are completely customizable.  I've already had a request to make these into a 1st birthday crown for a birthday girl, how fun is that??  I will post more pictures as I make some more.  They are great in boy colors too, reds, blues, blacks, whites, etc!!  Enjoy!

Also, my best bud ordered some capes for her little man's birthday party coming up.  I tell you, how much fun to go home from a party with a great handmade dress up item verses some plastic junk that's just going to get thrown in the trash eventually (or lost)!!  I made some girl and boy ones for the co-ed party.  Let me know if you'd like some as well!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

and the Winner is............

Crissy Dazey!! :)  She definitely proved that the most entries gives you a statistical advantage.  Since it was my first giveaway, I wasn't as crazy on the rules as I will be in the future (i.e., don't list all your entries in ONE comment, each comment needs to be each entry).  So, I made me a trusty little spreadsheet:

And we had 22 entries.  I used random.org for a random # generator to see which entry the winner would be:

And # 12 was Crissy!!   And I feel even more impressed with Crissy because her last 2 blog posts have been all about me or my family.  2 out of 3 in a year, seriously girl, blog some more about YOUR babies! :)   Haha.  So Crissy, email me at mistysblessings {at} yahoo . com with what personalization you'd like on your new pacifier clip, and which one you like on my Misty's Blessings etsy site, and I will ship it out ASAP!  (and if you have something else in mind, I have a few more ribbons in stock, just email me girl vs. boy etc)

Thanks for the new followers and entries, I hope to do giveaways more often!!  Please tell your friends, I'm saving up for a bigger/better sewing & embroidery machine (which will allow me to offer many more fun and exciting projects!), and most of my sales currently are going to fund that.  I have a SmartyPig.com account showing my progress, and with these most recent sales, I've made a little bit of progress!  I hope to have it before Christmas to make some great gifts and blessings for you all!

Thanks again, back to sewing now!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dress Up Capes and a giveaway!!

Hello Fans!

I'm sorry I took such a long break from updating the blog, as well as from sewing!!!  I have something to make up for it, just keep reading......

I have been on a cape making mission.  Some friends have ordered some for their kids, as well as for party favors for their son's birthday! :)  I am also probably going to give some out for Cara's party favors, if I can ever get them finished!  Anyways, here are some pictures of my beautiful models in some capes I have available.  They don't come customized (as far as a batman or superman logo), but you can pick either batman, superman, or girly colors. 

Here is the link where you can place your order via my etsy site.  Be sure to mention in the seller notes which color scheme you would like.

Here are some options:
NOTE!!  The superman logo is painted on my dear aunt (for me) some 25+ years ago.  I make the cape, but do NOT provide the logo!!

Isn't she a doll??

Ok, so now that I finally have 10 followers (plus me), how about a GIVEAWAY!!!  Up for grabs??  One of my brand new pacifier clip holders!!   There are a few ways to enter, such as:

You MUST be a follower of my blog to enter, so go 'follow me' if you haven't already!

1)  1 entry, leave me a comment on this post and let me know you are a follower
2)  1 entry, visit Misty's Blessings, then come back here and leave a comment with what your favorite item is
3)  1 entry each, tweet or facebook about the giveaway (make sure on fb to @Misty'sBlessings or on twitter to @MistyNewsome).  Make sure to leave a comment saying you did and your twitter or fb name.
4)  4 entries, blog about the giveaway, and leave a comment with the blog post link.
5)  6 entries!!  Buy something from Misty's Blessings during the giveaway, and I'll give you 5% off (you will be refunded the 5% within 1 business day--and shipping if you live in Katy)!!  That's in addition to the 6 entries to win!  Please leave an additional comment stating you made the purchase.  

That's a total of 14 possible entries to win!!    Giveaway ends Sunday June 6th at midnight, so hurry and tell your friends!! 

What can you win?  Any one of the PERSONALIZED holders that is listed on my etsy site, here, or I have some new ribbon, so let me know if you'd like 'girly' or 'boyish' and I can send you a picture of some more options.  This includes the custom name, so when I announce the winner, just be in contact with me via mistysblessings@yahoo.com

Ok, get to entering, and telling your friends!!!


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