Tuesday, June 8, 2010

and the Winner is............

Crissy Dazey!! :)  She definitely proved that the most entries gives you a statistical advantage.  Since it was my first giveaway, I wasn't as crazy on the rules as I will be in the future (i.e., don't list all your entries in ONE comment, each comment needs to be each entry).  So, I made me a trusty little spreadsheet:

And we had 22 entries.  I used random.org for a random # generator to see which entry the winner would be:

And # 12 was Crissy!!   And I feel even more impressed with Crissy because her last 2 blog posts have been all about me or my family.  2 out of 3 in a year, seriously girl, blog some more about YOUR babies! :)   Haha.  So Crissy, email me at mistysblessings {at} yahoo . com with what personalization you'd like on your new pacifier clip, and which one you like on my Misty's Blessings etsy site, and I will ship it out ASAP!  (and if you have something else in mind, I have a few more ribbons in stock, just email me girl vs. boy etc)

Thanks for the new followers and entries, I hope to do giveaways more often!!  Please tell your friends, I'm saving up for a bigger/better sewing & embroidery machine (which will allow me to offer many more fun and exciting projects!), and most of my sales currently are going to fund that.  I have a SmartyPig.com account showing my progress, and with these most recent sales, I've made a little bit of progress!  I hope to have it before Christmas to make some great gifts and blessings for you all!

Thanks again, back to sewing now!


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