Thursday, December 17, 2009



I promised a giveaway when I reached 10 followers....however, one of them is ME! :)  So tell your friends, and I will get my creative juices flowing.  Also, I can't post pictures of my giveaway because my camera will not hold a charge :(, so it will have to wait a couple days until I can get this figured out! :)


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New pair of shoes, color rolls and lots of gifts/orders!!

I finally was able to sew for gifts instead of orders (though that only put me behind on orders!) :).  I had 2 baby showers I needed to sew gifts for this weekend, so I got busy!  I made 2 pairs of shoes out of this cute fabric remnant I purchased, as well as a minky backed blanket for one of them. 

If you'd like a similar set, please do a custom order here.

I also tried a new thing: I had a plain white onsie, and I double needle sewed a heart (backed with fusible interfacing) onto it, hoping that with each wash it will fray around the edges.  I can't wait to see how it looks in a few months ;).  Here it is:

I will be making this a custom item soon, when I get more white onsies.

I have also been adding color rolls (to keep in purse/diaper bag) to my site.  Here are pictures of a few I have for sale or have sold:

Sold to a friend:

2 for sale here and here:

I've still been whipping out the color aprons for gifts and purchases as well.  Here is a picture of one gift (I made 2 for 2 little girl birthday parties) and it went over great, she loved it!! :)

And here are some custom christmas orders and baby shower gift orders I've completed recently:

Nursing cover and matching shoes:

and a little boy apron/chef's hat:

If any of these appeal to you, please contact me at mistysblessings [at] yahoo [dot] com and I can crank something out! :)


Monday, December 7, 2009

Bloggy Love

Some bloggy love for my etsy store.  Yes she's my best friend, but I wasn't even aware she posted this!!  Thanks Val! :) 


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Coming up with new items

I definitely didn't INVENT the color apron. I actually saw one of Cara's good friends get one for her birthday last month, and thought that would be a GREAT thing to make and sell!  My sweet friend Michelle was kind enough to let me borrow Ashlyn's new apron and I got to make my own patterns.  I changed a couple things, and am continuing to tweak it every time I make one.  I've made 4 and sold 3 so far (thanks to an old high school buddy that found me on facebook and wanted some at the exact time I was ready to start making them!!).  I actually have a color roll I'm about to make too....perfect for mom of toddlers to keep in their purse/diaper bag to keep your little ones busy at waiting rooms or restaurants....I can't wait to share those with you.  In the meantime, here are some pictures of some of the color aprons I've made:

I've also gotten back into knitting (well, that was until I sliced my hand open, but when I get my stitches out, I plan to do some more!), and I've made a couple of little baby hats that I've listen on MB on etsy as well.  Check out these (with my cute models!) :)



Monday, November 30, 2009

Finished quilt

Here is the finished baby quilt for my cousin that I made.  I'm fairly proud because I just made it up.  I love the color combination and the various textures from the different fabrics (basic cotton, flannel, minky, satin, etc).  I can't wait for Asher to get here to use it!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Baby Shoes!

I have made a few new pairs of baby shoes, and I have a few new pairs sitting, cut, waiting to be made.  They just turn out soooo cute!  Here's my most recent creation, "The Holden."  You can visit my etsy shop to purchase them, or send me an email if you have a color combo you'd like!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Baby Quilts and shoes!!

I have been making lots of these baby quilts and shoes for gifts for friends and family.  I added an item to my shop, hoping to get some custom orders.  I will be showing a bigger boy quilt I've made for my cousin after I give it to her after Thanksgiving, but here's a sneak peak :).  I can't wait.  Here is a variety of the patterns and colors I've used.  Enjoy!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Trying on a new 'hat'

I tried a new project and I really like how it turned out!  Here's some pictures of my kids apron and hat set I made.  I have tons of other fabrics if you'd rather have a different color combination.  Please take a look around the shop :)


Monday, September 21, 2009

New Items!

I'm so excited to be back into sewing again.  I got some great new fabrics and textures this weekend and could not wait to get my hands on them to create some cute baby things.  I LOVE minky, and satin, and combined, they came out to make some super cute loveys (or softies, whichever you prefer).  I have a variety of sizes.  I got the inspiration from my daughter.  She has this baby doll that she sleeps with and she keeps in her bed for the most part.  It is soft minky on one side and satin on the other.  She sometimes (rarely the older she gets) wants to take it with us, but we are teaching her it is a bed time toy, and that we don't want it to get dirty around other kids.  So, the pocket softy was invented ;)  Ok, I didn't invent it, but I custom made my 5 new items in my shop!!  Go take a look and please let me know what you think.  Suggestions, critiques, color ideas??  I'd love to have your feedback!!


Monday, September 14, 2009

I opened an etsy store!

Well, I was going to wait until I had some more items in stock to open my etsy store, but I had a little time the other day to search store names, and came up with mine, Misty's Blessings, so I went ahead and signed up.  It sat there for a little while, but then today, my husband came home sick, early and I had some time to work on it some more, so I found the blog design, made some buttons and headers, and put my first item online.  I have some super cute baby shoes that will be making their appearance soon, as well as some pillowcase dresses.  I also have lots of sewing for Christmas to do as well, so the store may be getting items a little more slowly until I can finish those items up. 

I love to sew, and this is a new thing!!  I've been sewing on and off for about 2 1/2 years, but just recently, the things I made started looking better and better.  There are still times when the machine and I have words :), but I really enjoy spending my evenings sewing and talking to the hubs.  Anyways, here is the link to the site (and it's all over the blog).  And, if you'd really like to spread the word, you can grab my button, to the right over there, and add it to your blog.  I will be setting up a facebook fan page, eventually, but I really want to get more items listed first.  So there you go, my etsy store.

Oh, I wanted to say a little something on the name.  I hope to bless each and every person who orders something from me.  I love giving and receiving hand-made items for gifts, and I hope my hand-made items will bless you and those you may order for.  Thanks for looking around!

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