Saturday, October 23, 2010

100 Fan Giveaway Winner

is STERLING!!  Congrats Sterling!  I know you like winning things.  Now you have $10 free to my store, just email me at mistysblessings [at] yahoo dot com and I will get to work on something for you.  We had 49 entries, more than double our last giveaway!  Thank you so much for the referrals, keep them coming!  The more I sell, the more I giveaway! :)  Here's the pictures.  Winner = Sterling:

I used to generate the entry # winner:
Thanks for the new followers and entries, I hope to do giveaways more often!! Please tell your friends, I'm saving up for a bigger/better sewing & embroidery machine (which will allow me to offer many more fun and exciting projects!), and most of my sales currently are going to fund that. I have a account showing my progress, and with these most recent sales, I've made a little bit of progress! I hope to have it before Christmas to make some great gifts and blessings for you all!

Thanks again, now back to sewing! :)


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