Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Running out of time!

Remember, if you'd like gifts or any of my items sewn for you, please email me at mistysblessings {at} yahoo dot com or order from my etsy site here, and do it soon.  I'm 36 weeks 5 days pregnant, and plan to take a break once the baby arrives, which could be any day now....possibly! 

Also, if you would be so kind if you ARE on etsy to 'heart' my shop, I'd love it!  That way people you know who don't know me can see who you like, and find my store.  Same thing if you are on facebook.  My MB facebook page is here, and if you haven't already, please 'like' it!!  And if you want to be a SUPER fan, you can grab my little blue and yellow MB button on the right over there, and post it on your blog!!

 Here are some of my most recent summer creations:

An Aggie cape for my nephew
A matching girly cape and crown for my cousin's daughter, Penny!

A recent custom order for a friend, including an M bow holder, 3 crowns for a 1st birthday, super M and super J, and a hand embroidered baby doll quilt.

A chef's hat and matching apron for a friend's little guy's 2nd birthday.
A baby doll quilt for my cousin's new baby:

And two more, one for my daughter who's 4 and my daughter on the way....but no pictures yet, they are in the dryer!

Anyone want to guess as to when this baby will actually come?? :)


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This is a blog to support my new venture, my etsy store! I enjoy sewing and making many different things, and thought I could help support my family in doing so. Please visit my etsy store at http://mistysblessings.etsy.com.

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