Sunday, December 6, 2009

Coming up with new items

I definitely didn't INVENT the color apron. I actually saw one of Cara's good friends get one for her birthday last month, and thought that would be a GREAT thing to make and sell!  My sweet friend Michelle was kind enough to let me borrow Ashlyn's new apron and I got to make my own patterns.  I changed a couple things, and am continuing to tweak it every time I make one.  I've made 4 and sold 3 so far (thanks to an old high school buddy that found me on facebook and wanted some at the exact time I was ready to start making them!!).  I actually have a color roll I'm about to make too....perfect for mom of toddlers to keep in their purse/diaper bag to keep your little ones busy at waiting rooms or restaurants....I can't wait to share those with you.  In the meantime, here are some pictures of some of the color aprons I've made:

I've also gotten back into knitting (well, that was until I sliced my hand open, but when I get my stitches out, I plan to do some more!), and I've made a couple of little baby hats that I've listen on MB on etsy as well.  Check out these (with my cute models!) :)



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